Full Truckload

Full truckloads are typically freight shipments that can weigh up to 45,000 lbs. and up to 53ft of space. Full truckload shipments usually travel as the only shipment on a trailer and are delivered on the same trailer that picks them up. The proper selection of the right carriers on their best lanes can maximize hard and soft cost savings. Truckload can be complex and we are here to help you simplify your business.

Less Than Truckload

Less-than-Truckload or LTL shipments are palletized or loose shipments weighing between 150lbs and 15000lbs. LTL makes up for the majority of shipments throughout the United States. Many carriers operate LTL Networks that consist of multiple points of consolidation and deconsolidation to complete each shipment. Shipping LTL can be very complex. We are here to help you simplify the complex, and exceed expectations.

Power Only

Power-Only Trucking is when only the tractor and driver is hired to connect to and deliver a pre-loaded trailer. This is common when there is an unexpected amount or excess freight with more trailers than tractors available to deliver. The power only cab service isn’t only limited to a single trailer shipment, this service can provide a team of drivers depending on load size, a number of trailers, and logistical needs.

Dedicated Equipment

Dedicated Truck service is when a truck and a driver is assigned to your company. The benefits of this service are that no other freight will be loaded on the truck and no pickups or deliveries can conflict with your defined schedule for pickup and delivery. Our dedicated trucking services were designed to offer you a turn-key solution to improve your shipping efficiency. It’s like owning a truck without the late deliveries, liability, maintenance and complex logistics problems.

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